Easy Investment is Sukuk & Gold, Which is More Cash?

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Looking for an easy investment with returns above deposits? Take it easy, there is gold and also sukuk which are Sharia State Securities (SBSN).

The Indonesian government will publish Sukuk Savings Series ST010T2 and Retail Green Sukuk – Savings Sukuk Series ST010T4. The two sukuk come with yields above 6% per year and different tenors.

As one of the investment instruments that can be purchased by the general public, SBSN is a low-risk and easy-to-understand instrument.

So how are you if this instrument is compared to gold which is also a simple and easy investment instrument? Which is more profitable and right for you? Here’s an explanation.

Gold & SBSN come from different types of assets

Gold is a real asset, which means it is real, tangible, and can be held, while SBSN is a financial asset (paper asset). Even though debentures were previously issued in script form, currently SBSN are in the form of certificates scripless.

In fact, gold is also present in digital form, but considering the origin of this precious metal is a real asset, digital gold investors can print gold from digital to physical form.

Given the different types, the level of risk is also different. Physical gold has the risk of being lost due to theft and so on, meanwhile SBSN is of a nature scripless it will be much safer.

The forms of gold & SBSN profits are also different

Precious metals are not fixed income instruments that can generate passive income for their owners. Precious metal owners hope for profits in the form of capital gains or increases in gold prices in the future, these profits will be obtained after they sell their gold.

Meanwhile, SBSN owners will receive returns in the form of passive income paid by the issuer (in this case the state), within a predetermined period. Even though Savings Sukuk are SBSN which cannot be sold on the secondary market, Savings Sukuk holders can do early redemption in accordance with existing regulations.

The investment method is different

Gold investment can be done in two ways, namely a lump sum or one time payment or periodically or dollar cost averaging (DCA).

However, SBSN can only be purchased by way of a lump sum. The greater the funds invested in SBSN, the greater the returns that investors routinely receive each period.

Gold is only suitable for the long term

The tenors of SBSN are quite diverse, for example, the ST010T2 Series has a 2-year tenor with a yield of 6.25%, while the ST010T4 series has a four-year tenor with a yield of 6.40% with a four-year tenor.

That said, ST010T2 is for the short term and ST010T4 is for the medium term.

Meanwhile, even though gold can be realized in the short or medium term, it is more suitable for long-term investment instruments, say for investment periods of five years, 10 years, or above that.

The reason gold is more suitable for long-term use is because the difference between the purchase price and the buyback is quite far.

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