Don’t be too obnoxious & as long as you agree to a pre-nuptial agreement

Jakarta, – Ari Wibowo and Inge Anugrah’s prenuptial agreement is often in the spotlight in the midst of their divorce process. Inge also acknowledged one mistake made regarding this agreement.

That’s something wrong again from my life experience. Hopefully this can be a lesson for friends, don’t be too mean, okay,” said Inge Anugrah when met at the South Jakarta District Court, Monday (8/5), as quoted InsertLive.

“I just signed, didn’t read the contents. Because the name is married, surely you want to be forever, never thought of separating, right? So, yeah, fine-fine Don’t worry,” Inge added, admitting her mistake.

At the beginning of their divorce case, which appeared to the public, Petrus Bala Pattyona, Inge’s attorney, said that he had mentioned that Ari was considered unfair in terms of the distribution of assets.

Inge, who is willing to live without income and only focuses on taking care of her children and household, deserves to get her share of the treasure.

However, because of the existence of a prenuptial agreement, there were no mutual assets to be discussed in their divorce case.

One asset that was discussed was the two apartment units purchased on behalf of Ari Wibowo.

“Before they got married in 2006, they had a pre-marital relationship, so practically they had assets, but everything was in the name of Ari. Inge had nothing, zero, including monthly money,” said Inge’s lawyer, Petrus Bala Pattyona, when met after the trial, in April Then.

The prenuptial agreement is optional

A prenuptial agreement is actually an optional matter but must be considered carefully by both partners before the marriage occurs because when it is ratified by a notary and recorded, this agreement will be binding on both parties.

Because the status of this agreement will be strong in the eyes of the law, both parties must clearly understand the rights and obligations of this agreement.

As for the contents of the agreement, it should not violate the provisions of law, religion and decency and reduce the rights arising from the power of one of the parties.

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