Don’t Be Tempted by Cuan, Not All Mutual Funds Can Make You Rich

Jakarta, – There is a lot of information about mutual fund products based on the type and rate of return in a year or more than three years. But how do you know that the mutual funds can still be purchased or vice versa.

You can easily find information about mutual fund products and performance on websites belonging to mutual fund selling agents.

Edvisor CEO, Praska Putrantyo said that there are several ways you can do to find out whether a mutual fund can still be traded or not. This can certainly be a note for those of us who want to start investing in mutual funds.

The following is an explanation from Praska in Investime 5 May 2023.

Check if there is an update on the price of NAV per UP

“To find out if he (the mutual fund) is still active or not, (checks) whether the mutual fund still publishes (provides an update) the net asset value per participation unit (NAB/UP) in the mass media, if the mutual fund still publishes NAV data per UP, of course the mutual funds are still active,” said Praska, at Investime (5/5).

Net asset value per unit of participation (NAB/UP) is a value that shows the net asset value (wealth) of a mutual fund, divided by the number of units in circulation at that time.

The increase in NAV/UP was due to an increase in the value of assets in the mutual fund portfolio concerned.

Check directly with the investment manager

“Investors must contact the investment manager, (and ask directly) whether the mutual fund is intended for the public or is exclusive. So if the mutual fund is indeed exclusive, (retail) investors will definitely not be able to enter (buy) because there are indeed criteria (investors who can buy),” he added.

Praska also reminded again, if there are retail investors who are interested in these mutual funds, the investment manager can help direct the investors concerned to buy the mutual funds that have the good performance they want.

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