Don’t be Afraid to Save Emergency Funds in the Bank, LPS is Ready to Guarantee

Jakarta, Armfalcon.comSetting up an emergency fund is one of the right steps in managing finances. The reason is that with an emergency fund we can maintain a stable financial condition when we are hit by a disaster such as termination of employment (PHK), falling ill and having to be outpatient care that has not been covered by insurance.

However, it should be remembered that it is advisable not to place the community’s emergency fund haphazardly. Because according to its function, an emergency fund must be ready at any time to be disbursed in an urgent condition.

Secretary of the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), Dimas Yuliharto suggested, that in setting up an emergency fund public can put it in a bank account. Apart from being easy to disburse, the funds are in the bank receive a guarantee from the Deposit Insurance Agency.

“Actually, if I see it, friends are starting to become aware of emergency funds, and the LPS is here to ensure that the emergency fund is safe. So, if you put it in a savings account, in a bank, you don’t need to be afraid because it is guaranteed by the LPS,” he said in the Cuan Goes Class. to Campus, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

Not half-hearted, LPS guarantees deposits of up to Rp. 2 billion. But keep in mind, if a customer wants their deposit funds to be guaranteed by the LPS, the customer may not earn deposit interest in excess of the reasonable interest rate set by LPS.

For your information, LPS has decided to increase interest rates for guaranteeing deposits in rupiah at commercial banks and people’s credit banks (BPR).

Based on the LPS website, interest rates for commercial bank guarantees for rupiah are 4.25% and foreign exchange 2.25%. Meanwhile, the BPR guarantee interest rate is 6.75%.

He explained that there are also banks that offer interest rates above the LPS provisions.

“But when the bank’s license was revoked, the money was gone, the emergency fund was no longer an emergency because there were no funds. So fulfill 3T, namely being registered with the bank, not exceeding the interest rate, and not taking actions that are detrimental to the bank,” he said.

However, when there are people who have excess funds while needing emergency funds Already fulfilled, he also appealed to the public to be able to allocate these funds to investment instruments.

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