Do you want to seek treatment from Ida Dayak Cs? There is a Financial Risk Loh

Jakarta, – Indonesia is indeed rich in cultural heritage in the form of traditional medicine, like what Ida Dayak did.

This woman, who has recently gone viral because she can treat bones and strokes, practices alternative medicine with dancing rituals, wearing traditional clothes and star oil. But are there any financial risks to this treatment?

In the world of alternative bone medicine, Ida Dayak is not alone. There are other figures who are often referred to as legends, namely Haji Naim, Seri Gurusinga, and so on.

Unfortunately, even though many public figures and other famous people flock to this alternative medicine practice, people still have to be careful when choosing alternative medicine.

Questioning Ida Dayak’s practice, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) commented that what Ida did could not be said to be right or wrong because the basis used to treat her patients was different from medical treatment.

“We consider that in this context, we appreciate it as a sociological basis regarding the treatment that Mrs. Ida did. But medically this has nothing to do with it,” said Adib Khumaidi, general chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI), as quoted CNN (6/4).

Are you a person who likes to go to alternative medicine? In fact, it’s not wrong if you take advantage of this as long as the illness you are experiencing is not a critical illness that requires medical treatment.

However, be aware that there are some financial risks that you could be exposed to.

The disease is spreading and getting worse

Alternative medicine generally does not involve medical procedures such as surgery, laboratory checks, and so on.

Head of the Bureau of Communication and Public Services of the Ministry of Health Siti Nadia Tarmizi said alternative medicine must still be supported by empirical research and based on scientific studies, so she asked the public to remain vigilant and careful when choosing to use alternative medicine instead of medicine.

“So for example someone who has cancer, don’t be late because of traditional treatment. Because there are already methods that can cure 100 percent if treated at an early stage,” said Nadia, as quoted by CNN (6/4).

All forms of treatment, both medical and alternative, certainly contain risks, imagine if you are undergoing alternative medicine and there is a failure in the process. The side effects of this medication may go undetected and endanger your health.

When your condition gets worse, you will continue to spend money for more treatment.

Yale School of Medicine even revealed, the risk of death from alternative medicine is indeed higher than medical treatment if it is related to cancer.

Not covered by health insurance

Although the cost of alternative medicine is cheaper than medical treatment. But know that this treatment cannot be covered by health insurance.

Just imagine, what happens if there are dangerous side effects that appear and you also have to undergo treatment because of these side effects.

The BPJS has also said that alternative and traditional treatments which have not been declared effective based on health technology assessments, will not be covered.

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