Do you still remember the original Uncle Jin? His Life Is Sad Until Death

Jakarta, – The film Jin Dan Jun officially opens in theaters April 19, 2023. This wide-screen film by Anggy Umbara was adapted from a popular soap opera in 1996.

Generation Z certainly doesn’t know the hilarious soap opera Jin & Jun, played by Sahrul Gunawan, Didi Riyadi, M. Amien, and Fuad Baradja. But behind the funny soap opera, there is a sad story from one of the cast of Om Jin’s character in the soap opera.

Is the late M. Amin, who played the character Om Jin. According to InsertLiveThis man of Pakistani blood reportedly died in 2013. His departure also escaped the media spotlight.

It is said that in his old age M. Amin lived a hard life even though he was often seen on television.

M. Amin’s life changed drastically after the soap opera Jin Dan Jun ended. The man who lives in Rawa Belong, West Jakarta, never got a shooting project and had to struggle to support himself until the end of his life.

Reported by various media, M. Amin’s career faded over time. As a result he was forced to owe to the shop for a mouthful of rice.

The world of entertainment is not as beautiful as what is seen on the screen. Entertainment industry players are actually not much different from freelance workers who do not have a steady income.

Interested in a career in this one world? Prepare a few things below.

Fixed extra income

Relying on just one income is certainly very risky. When the career dims, the shooting project offers will be quieter and the potential for loss of income is very large.

It is very important for those who have a career in the entertainment world to have a fixed additional income.

If the business is felt to be tough enough to run, then investing in fixed income instruments can be a solution.

When there is a flood of jobs, it would be nice to collect cold money up to a sizable amount. Once collected, you can use all the money to reinvest in state securities or other fixed income instruments.

Not only that, you can also take advantage of the investment returns to invest again in other instruments so that your wealth is maintained in the future.

Health & critical illness insurance is mandatory

Know that, you are not an office employee who can get health insurance facilities from your employer.

BPJS Health alone will certainly not be enough, because you need flexibility in getting treatment when you fall sick.

Meanwhile, you also have to have critical illness insurance that will disburse compensation money when you are diagnosed with several critical illnesses. With this compensation money, you can rest in peace to recover your health without having to bother thinking about looking for shooting offers or projects to meet your daily needs.

Life insurance if you have dependents

Leaving a loved one with a financial burden is certainly not a wise thing. Have life insurance to anticipate total permanent disability or death at a productive age.

Life insurance will disburse the sum insured that can be used by a beloved family to make a living, pay off debts, or pay for children’s education.

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