Do not be confused! This is what you have to do when THR is liquid

Jakarta, – After the company where you work transfers the holiday allowance (THR) to your account, then the temptation to spend can appear at that moment. Even though shopping for the things you want is not prohibited, know that there are important expenses that you have to pay for first.

These important expenses should really come first before you spend money on shopping or doing the things you want.

This is intended to secure your finances both in the short and long term.

Want to know what expenses are meant? Here is the sequence.

Reduce or pay off consumer debt

When your debt is paid off or reduced, your financial burden will decrease in the future. Remember that the greater your debt, the smaller your wealth will be, and you will also have passive expenses that must be paid regularly.

You can use THR, which has a significant value, to pay off all the debt you have, or reduce some of it.

With a smaller portion of debt or none at all, you can have more freedom to save, invest, and more.

Buy the right insurance

If there is no debt, how about you review your protection needs. Maybe you don’t have health insurance, or you already have it from work but the benefits are not good.

Of course, you can use the THR money to buy good and effective inpatient health insurance, so that your finances can be protected when illness strikes.

If you already have it, then you can consider buying life insurance if you currently have dependents.

Life insurance will play a role in reducing the financial burden on your beloved family when you are no longer able to carry out your activities as a breadwinner.

Investment for the future

There is no debt and we already have the right insurance to protect our finances, so what else should we do?

If you are still in the productive age range, remember that there will be a time when you will stop working and enter retirement.

Just take advantage of your current THR to invest for a safe, calm, and serene future.

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