Divorce Ari Wibowo, Prenuptial Agreement Makes Wife Lose?

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – The divorce case between actor Ari Wibowo and Inge Anugrah is now being widely discussed. Reportedly, there were no extramarital assets in their marriage because a prenuptial agreement had been made from the start, and all the assets were listed in the name of Ari Wibowo.

“Before they married in 2006, they had a pre-marital marriage, so practically they had assets, but all in the name of Ari, Inge had nothing, zero, including monthly money,” said Inge’s attorney, Petrus Bala Pattyona, when met after the trial, as quoted InsertLive.

It was also reported that during his marriage, Ari Wibowo bought two apartment units that had his name written on them.

Inge seems to be fighting for this because during her marriage, she always obeyed her husband to take care of the household.

In fact, when their marriage took place without a prenuptial agreement, the two apartments would be a treasure for Inge to fight over.

Petrus considered Ari to be unfair in terms of the distribution of assets. Even though there is a prenuptial agreement, Inge, who is willing to live without income and only focuses on taking care of her children and household, deserves to get a share of the property.

In response to the divorce incident between Ari and Inge, will a prenuptial agreement harm women? Here’s the review.

The prenuptial agreement actually protects the rights and obligations of the couple

In Article 35 of the Marriage Law, it is clearly stated that property acquired during marriage becomes shared.

But thanks to the existence of a prenuptial agreement, the status of joint property will disappear. Both the assets and debts of each husband and wife will be the responsibility of each.

The legal basis for the prenuptial agreement itself is Article 29 paragraph 1 UU no. 1 of 1974 about Marriage.

And in fact, it’s not only matters of separation of assets that can be regulated in this agreement, but child custody, obligations between spouses, to rules such as kissing the forehead can also be included in it.

The agreements in the prenuptial agreement can actually be made in such a way as to regulate how the provisions of each couple in terms of income and financial management, not necessarily castrate the rights of one partner.

Points regarding this agreement must of course be discussed before the marriage takes place, until both parties agree.

Consultation with a legal expert is certainly a good option to ensure that the rights and obligations of a partner can be protected.

Will Inge be able to get the apartment that Ari bought?

This is likely to be difficult to materialize, especially if the two apartments were purchased with Ari’s money.

Another case if the apartment is purchased jointly, and written in the name of Ari. If this is the case, then there is potential for Inge to gain ownership of these assets.

So far there is no detailed news about how Ari bought this apartment.

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