Diligently Saving Gold, You Get These 3 Unexpected Cash

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Not long ago, the price of gold bars at Pegadaian skyrocketed 1% compared to the previous day and recorded a record high.

The increase in gold prices was certainly influenced by world gold prices which reached their highest price in a year.

It’s no secret that, there is a spread or the difference between the purchase price and the buyback gold makes this precious metal more suitable for long-term investment.

However, there are distinct advantages for those of you who regularly buy gold bars or physical gold for investment. Here’s the full review.

Alternative retirement fund investment

Even though it fluctuates every year, in the long term the price of gold continues to increase.

If you have routinely collected gold every month in the form of bars, then it is very likely that in retirement you will already have lots of gold pieces that you can sell right away.

The proceeds from the sale of gold can certainly be savings that you use to finance life in retirement.

Of course, gold can be an instrument that you can use to diversify your pension fund.

Let’s just say that if you have invested in stocks, you can choose gold as a diversification so that your investment risk can be minimized.

Higher education fund

If your baby is currently one year old, then 17 years from now he will be going to college.

As is known, the cost of tertiary education is not cheap and will continue to experience inflation from year to year.

Just like retirement, if you regularly buy gold bullion now, 17 years from now you will already have a lot of gold that can be sold to pay for your child’s higher education.

Helping with child wedding costs

It is an honor for parents to be able to have a hand in helping organize an unforgettable wedding.

Gold bars purchased in advance can be used as dowry or sold to increase the cost of holding your child’s wedding later.

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