Diligent and Outstanding Civil Servants Will Be Rewarded by Tukin Gede

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Government employees (civil servant) will receive the amount of performance allowance (knock) which varies based on their performance. Tukin value received Lazy civil servants will be different from the number of tukin obtained by diligent and accomplished civil servants.

This was revealed by the Minister of PANRB Abdullah Azwar Anas. According to him, the government plans to revise the government regulation (PP) regarding the provision of tukin for civil servants.

In the new rules, Anas divulged the basis for the assessment to be changed. It is possible that later the tukin normally received by civil servants in an agency will decrease or even increase. Even though the tukin is rearranged, the amount will still be different in each ministry, as it is now.

“Nowadays, almost everyone can get a tukin. Even though it should be differentiated with good performance in one institution, the allowance should be bigger,” he said at the Ministry of Finance, Wednesday (17/5).

According to him, rearranging the tukin rules was a direct direction from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The goal is to encourage the performance of civil servants. Those who work diligently will receive a bigger bonus than those who are lazy, even in the same agency and position.

“For example, there are areas where there is x, it turns out that they get x all of this. Even though those who work together who don’t work are different. If there is no differentiation, then the enthusiasm must be lacking. So, we are formulating this,” he explained.

This change plan has also been discussed with the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani and several related ministries. Currently, the most appropriate formulation is being prepared for the revision of the tukin regulations.

In accordance with the direction of the president, the minister of finance, with several ministers, we are looking for the formula in the regulations for the PP ASN later. We’re looking for a formula,” he added.

Azwar hopes that the preparation of this formulation can be completed in the near future so that it can be implemented immediately. Thus, the performance of civil servants can also be better.

“The target is that, for example, in two more months it can be done faster. The direction of the President (Jokowi) is that this allowance has implications for improving performance,” he concluded.

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