Digitalization Supports MSMEs in Various Ways

Brilliant MSME bazaar event held by BRI KC Kramat Jati at the BRI Ciracas Unit during the Sipmpedes Prize Harvest event., JAKARTA — Digitalization has an important role for the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). It’s just that digitizing MSMEs is not just using technology to sell products to get other benefits.

According to the Head of the BRI Kramat Jati Branch Asep Suhendra stated, BRI has encouraged digitization on many sides in supporting MSMEs. This effort is in accordance with Bank Indonesia’s vision in Blueprints Indonesian Payment System 2025 by bringing 62.9 million MSMEs into the formal economy sustainable through the use of digitization.

The most visible benefit of digitization is that it makes it easier to sell MSME goods to all parts of Indonesia. BRI in this position has which displays products of assisted MSME and customers so that they can be accessed by the general public at large.

But, Asep explained, digitization is also occurring in the payment system which has direct benefits, even though it is done in simple steps. “The advantage is they don’t need to give change, they don’t have the risk of getting counterfeit money, then it’s easier to transact,” he said.

BRI Kramat Jati Branch is trying to encourage MSMEs to use digital payments by utilizing QRIS. This effort is also credited with helping MSMEs owned by BRI Kramat Jati Branch customers in the ease of transactions and bookkeeping.

“Yes, this helps us, because it goes straight into the account, the data clearly just keeps on being merged if someone pays in cash,” said Faiq Dinda, one of the initiators of the grape growers group Grape 9.

Faiq explained, using QRIS helped them do bookkeeping more easily. In addition, with this non-cash payment, they do not have to worry about preparing money back for buyers of their products, in the form of juice, peanut brittle, and grape seeds.

“We always recommend that buyers pay with QRIS when selling at bazaars like this,” said Faiq.


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