DGT Predicts Potential State Revenue from Electronic Stamps of IDR 30 Trillion

Armfalcon.com, JAKARTA — The Ministry of Finance’s Directorate General of Taxes projects potential state revenue from electronic stamps of IDR 30 trillion. This can contribute significantly to the equitable development of the country.

Head of Sub-Directorate for Trade, Service and Other Indirect Tax VAT Regulations of the Directorate General of Taxes of the Ministry of Finance Bonarsius Sipayung said that the activity of collecting electronic stamps was a mutual cooperation activity and did not know the rich or the poor who were being collected.

“It takes awareness, will, and cooperation from intermediary institutions. We appoint Perum Peruri as a partner and representative of the government, Peruri Digital Security as a distributor of electronic stamps, and a collection company, which is very important,” he said in a written statement, Wednesday (17/5/2023).

According to him, Peruri Digital Security, a subsidiary of Perum Peruri, aims to help integrate and distribute electronic stamps to companies. This is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Number 151/PMK.03/2021 concerning Stipulation of Stamp Duty Collectors and Procedures for Collection, Deposit and Reporting of Stamp Duty.

“DGT appointed Perum Peruri as a partner and representative of the government in the production and distribution of electronic stamps for two reasons, namely the first is that the ecosystem of electronic stamps is the same as sticky stamps. Second, related to data confidentiality, so it must be held by a trusted company,” he said in a written statement, Wednesday (17/5/2023).

Meanwhile, Main Director of Peruri Digital Security Tetty Herawati Siregar added, the use of electronic stamps will encourage digital transformation. This is a new strategy to compete for companies in all industries.

“Peruri Digital Security carries out a mandate from the DGT of the Ministry of Finance and Perum Peruri helps integrate and distribute electronic stamps to companies appointed by the DGT as electronic stamp collectors,” he said.

At present there are more than 70 companies appointed as collectors who have Go-Live and use a stamp from Peruri Digital Security. “The collectors are divided into four categories based on the amount of use, namely platinum, gold, silver and bronze,” he said.

source: ekonomi.republika.co.id

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