Devotion Is Not Enough! Children Must Arrange Money to Care for Parents

Jakarta, – Videos and photos uploaded by the Twitter account @Midjan_La_2 on 26 April 2023 immediately went viral.

It stated that a 51 year old man named Toto Daryanto (51) who lives in Tangerang was found on the side of the road because he was allegedly abandoned by his own son.

Toto, who was paralyzed, was lifted by police officers and two residents into a patrol car, and will soon be taken to social services.

This post clearly ignited the emotions of netizens on the Twitter social network.

Talking about caring for parents in the perspective of financial planning, it is appropriate for parents to be able to prepare a better future for their children and not depend on them for their lives.

However, due to poor economic, health and financial literacy factors, it is very possible that this condition cannot materialize. As a result, parents will depend on their children for life.

So what is the solution for caring for people who are very meritorious in our lives? Here’s the review.

Give parents health insurance according to your ability

This may be a top priority that must be fulfilled. Medical costs are not cheap, and critical illness is very easy to appear and attack people in their old age.

Without health insurance, you will have to bear the cost of medical treatment which is extraordinarily expensive when a disaster occurs.

Health insurance does not have to be in the form of private health insurance, but can be in the form of BPJS Kesehatan, whose contributions are much cheaper.

By paying BPJS contributions regularly, the protection will be active and your parents can get free treatment at various health facilities.

Rearrange household expenses

Re-record your regular expenses in a month, and after that you can make your own spending items for your parents’ expenses, starting from food, daily needs and so on.

An increase in the amount of expenses is a natural thing to happen when you have to care for your parents.

Without financial records, you will not get an idea of ​​how much spending you can allocate to your parents. Your parents’ expenses can be variable (not fixed) and can leave you with a monthly cash flow deficit.

Reduce your lifestyle expenses

Reducing does not mean completely eliminating these expense items. Even though the financial burden is heavy, you should still be able to have time alone to have fun using your own money.

It’s just that like it or not, these expenses must be cut so that you have more money that can be used to support your parents’ lives.

Just allocate funds for lifestyle needs or do what you like at 10% of income.

Increase your income

The solution to most financial problems, of course, is to increase your monthly income. But know that not everyone is trained and familiar with this one thing.

Learn a new skill or skill and look for side job opportunities that you can do to care for your parents.

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