Deposit Over! Investment in Sukuk, Savings, 6.4% Coupon

Jakarta, – The government offers Savings Sukuk Series ST010T2 instruments and Retail Green Sukuk – Savings Sukuk Series ST010T4.

The ST010T2 series has a 2 year tenor with a yield of 6.25%. The nominal value of the sukuk is IDR 1 million and the maximum order is IDR 5 billion. This Sukuk will mature on June 10 2025 and early redemption on May 24 – June 3 2024.

While the ST010T4 series has a 4-year tenor with a 6.40% reward. The nominal value of the sukuk is IDR 1 million and the maximum order is IDR 10 billion. This Sukuk will mature on June 10, 2027 and early redemption on May 26 – June 3, 2025.

The coupon type for the two series is floating with a minimum coupon based on the BI 7-Day (Reserve) Repo Rate.

What are savings bonds?

Savings sukuk are government securities (SBN) whose funds are managed according to sharia principles. Savings Sukuk have principles and characteristics similar to savings or bank deposits. The difference is that the funds raised from the community will be used to finance the government’s green projects.

Investor funds will also be returned in full in principle within a period of two or four years depending on the series issued.

Because Savings Sukuk uses sharia principles, the management of funds also follows sharia principles, namely free from usury (interest), maysir (gambling), and gharar (uncertainty).

The advantages that can be obtained from investing in savings sukuk are as follows:

  1. Can be purchased by all Indonesian Citizens (WNI)
  2. Using sharia principles in managing its funds
  3. Orders with a nominal starting from IDR 1 million
  4. The payback period is relatively short, which is 2 years for the ST010T2 series
  5. Using floating rewards (floating withfloor) with a minimum threshold
  6. Rewards can be greater than the average state-owned bank deposit interest and lower taxes than deposits
  7. Has facilities early redemption
  8. Coupon rate is higher than deposit

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