Defending Buying Coldplay Tickets Using Credit, It’s a Risk!

Jakarta, – Not a few netizens on social media Twitter are looking for recommendations for online loans (loans) in order to be able to buy Coldplay concert tickets. As is known, the concert ticket prices for the British band have not been disclosed to the public.

Until this article was written, there had been no announcement regarding the official ticket price from the promoter. However, based on predictions based on Coldplay concert ticket prices in Southeast Asia in 2017 and 2018, ticket prices will range from IDR 800,000 to IDR 3.5 million.

There’s nothing wrong with buying concert tickets on loan, as long as you’re prepared to pay off the bill. The wrong thing is if you are willing to apply for debt when your personal financial condition is not friendly.

So what is the financial condition that is considered unfriendly? Here’s the full review.

Lost income

Instead of going to concerts, it’s better to focus on how to get income back regularly every month.

Concert is a desire not a need that must be fulfilled. Borrowing money for tickets to a Coldplay concert is certainly not a good option when you lose your job because you likely won’t be able to pay off the ticket in full in the next month.

Delay things that are desires and prioritize those that become needs and obligations.

The total debt is above the reasonable limit

If you already have debt whose repayments are above 30% of income, and the total amount already exceeds 50% of assets, then this shows that your debt is at an unreasonable limit.

It would be nice not to add more debt that is consumptive. Pay off some of your debts to reduce the financial burden.

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