Danone Indonesia Wins Gold at the 2023 PR Awards International Event

Armfalcon.com, JAKARTA — Danone Indonesia won three awards at the international level at the 2023 Public Relations (PR) Awards organized by Marketing Interactive Magazine on 27 April 2023 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

Danone Indonesia received the highest ranking award category namely Gold in the category of The Best PR Campaign: FMCG for the SGM Eksplor – Show of Hands program for Indonesia’s Advanced Generation and the Best Covid-19 Related Campaign category for the Advanced Generation Vaccination Center program, as well as an award with a Bronze rating in PR Champion of the Year category.

The PR Awards 2023 is the 10th annual Public Relations (PR) awards event aimed at giving appreciation to workers in the PR and communications industry throughout Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania. Danone Indonesia’s Corporate Communications Manager, Arif Mujahidin, welcomed Danone Indonesia’s achievements with pride. He said the role of Public Relations had become the focus of attention and was increasingly relevant in recent years amidst an uncertain situation.

Now companies are asked to not only become companies that have good business, but also actively educate and communicate positive messages to support a healthier and more sustainable Indonesia. “Therefore, Danone is committed to actively communicating various programs on relevant channels related to health and environmental education,” he said.

The SGM Eksplor Program – Show of Hands for Indonesia’s Advanced Generation which received the highest award in the form of Gold, focuses on programs that provide affordable nutrition for all Indonesian children, and through this campaign, Danone has succeeded in reaching >20 million consumers, and providing nutrition, health and better education for >200,000 Indonesian children.

The Generation Forward Program Covid-19 Vaccination Center in the Best Covid-19 Related Campaign category which also received a Gold award focuses on supporting the progress of all Indonesian children through access to health, ensuring that Indonesian families can provide the best for their children, by reaching 16,164 beneficiaries. Indonesian children which is focused on children who live in areas that are difficult to reach.

Through the ability of the corporate communications department leader to build solid teamwork and maintain relationships with stakeholders, Danone Indonesia also received a bronze award in the PR Champion of The Year (Brand) category for Arif Mujahidin as Danone Indonesia’s Corporate Communications Director. This is in line with the team’s ability to carry out their duties to maintain and enhance the company’s image through strategies implemented in terms of comprehensive media relations, education, and digital communication programs.

“For this achievement, we are very grateful for the appreciation given to Danone Indonesia. This award is a trigger for us to move forward and provide positive inspiration for more parties. We also hope to encourage the spirit of innovation and collaboration to achieve business growth that is competitive and impactful through communication and public relations activities to create a healthier and more sustainable Indonesia,” said Arif.

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source: ekonomi.republika.co.id

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