CT Arsa Launches Ziswaf, an Officially Permitted Amil Zakat Institution

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com

CT Arsa Foundation launching services for payment and distribution of zakat, infaq, alms, to endowments through Ziswaf.

Ziswaf is an amil institution that has official permission from the Ministry of Religion. Apart from being official, payments through Ziswaf CT Arsa are not deducted from the zakat amil rights (12.5 percent) because all operational costs are borne by the CT Corp group of companies.

In other words, all zakat payments to alms through Ziswaf must be channeled 100 percent.

That is, there are no payment deductions for administration and others. Everything is guaranteed to be distributed directly to those who need it.

This is appropriate tagline T0P Ziswaf, namely Transparent, 0 percent of amil rights and nazhir rights, as well as Productive.

In addition, CT Arsa Foundation actually does not only act as a social fund channeling institution, but also partners directly with donors and zakat donors and beneficiaries.

This is in line with CT Arsa Foundation’s vision and mission to break the poverty chain through education, health and community empowerment services.

Equally important, paying zakat to alms at Ziswaf is very easy because it’s done online. To do this, you only need to visit the official Ziswaf website at www.ziswafctarsa.id.

Then, select the menu according to the type of payment you want. Then, enter the data and select the appropriate payment channel. After that, the zakat was immediately accommodated and ready to be distributed.

So, have you fulfilled the obligation of zakat to the desire to give alms for Eid? Come on, fulfill your obligations and give charity through Ziswaf from CT Arsa Foundation!


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