Credible and Trusted, PLN Institute of Technology Extends Registration Time


The PLN Institute of Technology (ITPLN) extended the registration period for new students until April 16, 2023, in response to the enthusiasm of prospective applicants who wish to take part in the entrance selection.

In addition, the quota for work ties with the PLN Group has also been increased from 150 people to 250 people.

Main Director of PLN Darmawan Prasodjo revealed, ITPLN is the only qualified and reputable campus, with the largest and strongest network of professional partners in Indonesia.

“Electricity is the heart of Indonesia. There is no electricity, no economy, no industry. For this reason, Indonesia calls on its best talents for Indonesia’s glory, for a more secure and much brighter future,” said Darmawan.

According to Darmawan, not only has proven quality, ITPLN which is trusted by various domestic and foreign companies also provides complete study programs, including faculties supporting the energy transition.

The faculties in question include the Faculty of Electricity and Renewable Energy, the Faculty of Energy Technology and Business, the Faculty of Energy Telematics, and the Faculty of Infrastructure and Regional Technology.

Darmawan emphasized that the best ITPLN graduates would be directly recruited by the PLN Group.

“Joining ITPLN is your first step in planning for the future, strengthening far stronger competencies. I ensure that the best ITPLN graduates are immediately recruited to become PLN employees,” he said.

Furthermore, Darmawan explained that for 2023, PLN increased the quota for the best graduates to 250 people with details of the 150 best selected undergraduate students getting work ties at the PLN Group, and the 100 best undergraduate graduate students will be recruited by the PLN Group.

Meanwhile, for the 2023 academic year, ITPLN will accept 1,400 new students who will receive a variety of learning facilities, including guaranteed internships at the PLN Group, smart class facilities and leading industry practitioner lecturers, wifi access throughout Indonesia, to public lectures and periodic additions from world-class experts. .

The ITPLN facilities also include competency certificates, student exchanges and continuing studies at overseas universities that work with ITPLN, both in Slovakia, Malaysia and South Korea, as well as scholarships for outstanding students. Further information regarding ITPLN can be obtained via or WhatsApp Aurel bot 24 hours 082114724440.

“This is an excellent opportunity for those of you who want to develop a career in the field of energy and future technology. Develop yourself, make your parents and country proud by joining ITPLN,” said Darmawan.



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