Coldplay to Jakarta, This is a Business Idea that Can Give Money

Jakarta, – Coldplay has confirmed that they will have a concert in Jakarta on November 15 2023 at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK). This could be a cash field!

A concert that invites world-famous bands will certainly invite public interest. Yesterday’s Blackpink concert alone had an estimated 70,000 spectators who packed SUGBK. So you can imagine how busy SUGBK will be.

Well, this can be a business opportunity for you.

There are business opportunities during concerts that you can use to make a profit, including:

  • Nail art services
  • Makeup services
  • Concert knick knacks services
  • Snack or food services
  • Beverage service
  • Photography services

During concerts, fans want their appearance to look stunning. You can dress up or use knick-knacks such as wigs, face paint, or even nail art to make yourself look like Beyonce in the Hymn for the Weekend video clip.

Besides that, concert merchandise is also mandatory so that you can tune in to the colorful Coldplay concept. So the business of selling concert accessories is interesting.

The presence of Coldplay will rock Jakarta. Of course, the audience that comes doesn’t just come from Jakarta. It could be from outside the city or outside the island, or abroad.
So most likely those who come from outside Jakarta will come earlier. While waiting for the gate to open, of course, the need for food must also be fulfilled.

So this will be an opportunity to sell food or snacks. If heavy food is being sold, pay attention to the ready-to-eat packaging.

Same with food, the beverage business is also quite lucrative at concerts.

Another interesting business idea for concerts is photography services to capture the rare moments when Coldplay comes to Indonesia.

As information, Coldplay fans themselves have been able to “war” tickets since May 17.

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