Children Get Angpao Lebaran? Don’t Save All Buns!

Jakarta, – It’s no longer a secret, when Eid arrives, children can get lots of angpao or envelopes containing holiday allowance money (THR) from their siblings during halal bi halal events.

As a parent, you certainly know that cash that is given can be tucked away or even stolen. Or, it could be used by you as the parent for a number of purposes, including unforeseen ones.

So what is your role as a parent to keep this THR money safe? Here’s the review.

Let the child determine what he wants to do with his THR

Tell him that he can use a maximum of 50% of the total THR he has for whatever he wants.

Offer several options for buying the things he wants, and don’t forget to suggest saving money for him.

If the money is used to buy something right away, then the amount will certainly decrease and he will get a toy or something that can be used in the next few years.

However, if it is kept in the bank, the money will still be there and can be used to buy other things that the child may have long dreamed of.

Minimum 2.5% for alms

Don’t forget to teach them about alms or sharing with others. Alms can be done in various ways, can be donated directly to mosques, through distribution organizations, or by buying ready-to-eat food and distributing it directly to people in need.

Teaching a child to do charity can certainly be an important foundation so that one day he can grow into a generous figure in the future.

The rest is just saved or invested

Regardless of how much will be used to buy something he wants and donate, the rest of the THR money must be saved or invested.

If you think it is difficult to teach the child to invest, invite him to buy mini gold with cartoon character packaging. In this phase, investment is not mandatory but becomes a first introduction.

By introducing them early on to investment instruments, it will make them even more curious about the goals of investment activity. It is also hoped that when he grows up, investing and saving will become part of his lifestyle.

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