Cheap Mini Gold Investment, But Hard to Earn!

Jakarta, – Investing in mini gold bars is indeed a solution for people who have a limited investment budget, but it should be noted that mini gold actually has one drawback that you should be aware of.

Apart from being potentially lost if not stored in a safe place, mini gold is also expensive due to its production costs.

As is known, the larger the gold you buy, the cheaper the price per gram. So, even though it can be purchased at a much lower price than 1 gram of gold, the count per gram of mini gold will certainly be higher.

In addition to the matter of price, you also have to pay attention spreads or the difference between selling and buying mini gold which is quite large compared to 1 gram of gold. Is that right? Here’s the discussion.

Are you sure you can’t wait for the price of gold to soar above 34%?

Based on the monitoring of the CNBC Research Team on the EmasKITA website, the price of 0.1 gram mini gold as of March 28, 2023 costs IDR 156,602, while the price buybackis IDR 102,760. This shows that there is a difference of IDR 53,842 between the purchase price and buyback.

Through this calculation, it can be said that if you invest regularly by buying 0.1 gram of gold, then if the price of gold rises above 34% you will only return your investment, not yet profit.

So, to be able to enjoy the benefits of investing in gold, you must expect the price of gold to soar above 34% first.

So what’s up with 1 gram of gold? As of March 28, 2023, the purchase price of 1 gram of Antam’s gold was priced at IDR 1,062,861 at a price buybackat IDR 980 thousand. This shows a difference of Rp. 82,861 or 7.7% of the purchase price.

That means the price of gold has only increased by 8%, you can already profit from this investment.

The conclusion is, the larger the size of the gold you buy, besides being cheaper, the value of the difference between the selling price and the buybackit’s also getting smaller.

Instead of investing in buying mini gold, it would be better for you to just buy digital gold, because the difference is smaller because there are no production costs. But of course you have to buy on an investment platform that is licensed by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti).

So what’s the point of buying mini gold?

If you already bought it, don’t worry. You can still save it for the long term or you can make it a gift for someone close to you.

Mini gold can actually be an instrument to learn to start investing consistently while holding back consumptive behavior. Instead of running out of money for things that are just desires, it’s better to buy mini gold.

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