Charity Box QRIS Fraud Reveals, Digital Payment System Regulations Need to be Strengthened, JAKARTA – Counterfeiting has been uncovered Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code (QRIS) charity box must be taken seriously by stakeholders. This event is considered to show the urgency to strengthen the legal basis of QRIS to ensure that the stages of registration, implementation and supervision of the Bank Indonesia (BI) innovation digital payment system are truly safe to use.

“We see that there are problems at the downstream level that make the QRIS digital payment system able to be broken into by irresponsible persons. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the legal umbrella for the existence of QRIS as a digital payment system in Indonesia,” said Deputy Chairman of Commission XI DPR RI Fathan Subchi, in his written statement, Thursday (13/4/2023).

A man is known to have committed fraud by spreading genuine but fake QRIS (asphalt) in a number of mosques in Jakarta. This QRIS was distributed ostensibly for the benefit of worship, but in fact it flowed into personal accounts. It is feared that the disclosure of this forgery will raise public doubts about the security of the digital payment system.

Fathan said that the legal basis for establishing QRIS as a digital payment system was only based on Bank Indonesia Board of Governors Regulation (PADG) Number 21/18/PADG/2019 concerning Implementation of the Quick Response Code National Standard. The reason for making QRIS is in response to the growing development of financial digitalization, including the payment system. “So to support the integration of the national digital economy and finance, QRIS was formed,” he said.

In its development, said Fathan, digital payment systems, including QRIS, gained momentum during the Covid-19 pandemic. With social restrictions, almost all activities are carried out digitally, including buying and selling transactions.

“This situation has resulted in a sharp increase in QRIS users, as well as merchants using QRIS. Not only business entities but also social entities such as religious foundations,” said the PKB politician.

The increase in QRIS users, said Fathan, on the one hand should be grateful, but on the other hand this development should be taken seriously by strengthening the legal umbrella of QRIS. “There should be an immediate response to increasing transactions through QRIS by strengthening the legal umbrella for QRIS implementation. BI’s PADG is not enough, but at least BI regulations,” he said.

Strengthening this legal umbrella, continued Fathan, will have a broad impact both on strengthening QRIS as a digital payment system. According to him, with a stronger legal umbrella, QRIS management will be better in terms of operational mechanisms, strengthening human resources, and in terms of budget allocation.

“Thus the registration process for merchants using QRIS will be much more selective, supervision will be much stronger so that the potential for fraud such as that perpetrated by irresponsible individuals can be detected earlier,” said Fathan.

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