Buya Hamka: Wealth is not the source of salvation

Jakarta, – Still in the workbook Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah alias Buya Hamka. Buya Hamka said that wealth is a bridge to reach a goal, but this is not the basis of salvation.

“With property, many human goals are achieved and will prevail. With objects people may exchange needs and interests. That’s the only purpose of wealth, so that it affects the mind and mind. People think wealth is the basis of salvation, so it also affects people. and people un try to collect it in various ways, even though lawful or unlawful. People seek wealth even though they transfer other people’s property into their own hands, not following proper lines. So there are people who prefer to make friends with wealth even though their friendship with humans is broken. don’t hesitate to be cruel This was quoted from his book entitled The Philosophy of Life.

In financial planning, with money a person can do whatever he wants. Therefore the position of money is very important in life.

But know that money is only a medium of exchange, and is not our purpose in life. When money or wealth is the ultimate goal, then any means can be done regardless of good or bad.

So what is our true purpose in life?

Life goals in financial planning

A goal is called short-term when someone wants to achieve it in a matter of months to three years, while medium-term goals range from three to five years, and long-term goals are realized in five years and above.

The purpose of life can be said as ideals or plans. Call it like, getting married, buying a house or other assets, continuing their studies to a higher level, collecting children’s education costs, to retirement funds.

Everyone certainly has different goals, and to realize these goals or plans, we certainly need money from work, business, and investment. That’s where the main function of the treasure.

How to realize intelligent life goals

In order for all your life goals to be realized, you must plan everything in advance in a good way.

You have a target in realizing that goal, and know how much funding is needed to make it happen. After everything is well mapped, the next step is to find out the right way to make it happen.

Of course, the method is to work, do business, or invest according to the risk profile and timeframe.

Don’t get off track when looking for treasure

“It’s true, we live for profit, receive wages, are given donations and percent, hard wages, honorarium, but don’t let the wages change the path of truth. Don’t get out of the line of honesty and compassion for fellow human beings,” this is a sentence in the book Philosophy of Life by Buya Hamka.

The point is, don’t justify any means to make money, especially to the detriment of other people. That is why, even though possessions can be a means of realizing life goals, they are not the basis of salvation.

Income is indeed a way out for our financial problems, and there are many ways to increase income without harming other people.

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