BSI strengthens synergy with BSSN in handling alleged cyber attacks

We hope that customers will remain calm because we ensure that customer data and funds are safe

Jakarta ( – PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BSI) is strengthening synergy and coordination with the State Cyber ​​Crypto Agency (BSSN) to deal with suspected cyber attacks on the company.

The synergy between BSI and BSSN was strengthened in a meeting between BSI Main Director Hery Gunardi and BSSN Head Hinsa Siburian who attended accompanied by BSSN Spokesman Ariandi Putra at BSI Head Office, The Tower, Jakarta, Tuesday.

BSI Corporate Secretary Gunawan A. Hartoyo said BSI continues to take preventive steps to prevent cyber attacks, by strengthening data protection systems and coordinating with various parties.

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For BSI, he continued, the interests of customers were the top priority so when there was a system disturbance on Monday (8/5), BSI’s first step was to ensure that customer funds remained safe.

He explained that the disturbance that had occurred to the BSI system on Monday last week had been resolved in stages. The constraints have been completely restored, and customers can return to making the required financial transactions and payments.

BSI also conducts assessments of attacks, performs recovery, audits, and mitigations so that similar disturbances do not recur.

“We hope that customers will remain calm because we ensure that customer data and funds are safe and secure in transactions. We are also working with relevant authorities on the issue of data leakage,” Gunawan said in an official statement, Monday.

BSI is committed to continuing to strengthen banking cyber defense and security, and always urges customers to remain vigilant and careful about all forms of fraud in the name of Bank Syariah Indonesia.

BSSN Spokesperson Ariandi Putra revealed, BSSN always coordinates intensely with BSI to provide assistance and recommendations for increasing security for the implementation of electronic systems at BSI.

BSSN and BSI have also agreed to prepare joint steps to increase the security and resilience of the BSI system while simultaneously dealing with the continuing impact of IT disruptions on the BSI system.

“BSSN has communicated and coordinated with BSI regarding system recovery efforts regarding the disturbances experienced. We are ready to continue collaborating,” said Ariandi.

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Reporter: Sanya Dinda Susanti
Editor: Ahmad Wijaya


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