BSI continues to protect customer data & funds, strengthen the cyber security system

Our top priority is protecting customer data and funds

Jakarta ( – President Director of PT Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) Hery Gunardi emphasized that his party continues to improve and make improvements to the security of the company’s IT system based on established guidelines and standards.

BSI will continue to make improvements after all of the company’s banking services have returned to normal and recovered since Thursday (11/5/2023) yesterday, following the rapid recovery of IT disruptions experienced by BSI.

“The problem at BSI’s IT has actually been recoverable (recover operation) immediately and this is an response recovery the good one. Our top priority is protecting customer data and funds,” said Hery in an official statement received in Jakarta, Saturday.

He said that BSI also continues to strengthen the company’s technology security in a special division under the CISO (Chief Information and Security Officer).

“CISO works the same as a physical security guard, doing patrols, but patrolling from a technological point of view. CISO will look at the points weak point that must be closed, it is an effort to protect customer data,” said Hery.

BSI also continues to cooperate and coordinate with the relevant authorities to take the necessary steps and comply with the applicable regulations.

BSI services have shown significant progress since Thursday (12/5/2023), both at branch offices, ATMs and mobile banking especially the basic features, so that customers can use them for transactions.

Regarding Hajj services in 2023, BSI stated that the payment of fees for prospective pilgrims had reached 97.67 percent or had been paid by 157,775 prospective pilgrims.

Especially on Friday (12/5/2023), BSI served the payment of Hajj fees for 4,303 prospective pilgrims, of which 208 customers made payments through mobile banking namely BSI Mobile.

Meanwhile, to improve service to customers, BSI has prepared as many as 434 branch offices throughout Indonesia to open operations this weekend, Saturday-Sunday, 13-14 May 2023.

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Reporter: Sanya Dinda Susanti
Editor: Click Dewanto


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