BSI Aceh Customers Demand Compensation: Not Enough to Apologize


Customers of PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BSI) in aceh threatens to withdraw large sums of money aliases rush money if not there compensation error effects since Monday (8/5).

Syakya Meirizal, a BSI customer in Aceh, is demanding this compensation. According to him, BSI has so far pocketed a lot of profits so it must be fair when its services go wrong and make customers lose.

“I think this is betting on the fate of BSI in the future. If you want to be professional, compensation absolutely has to be done. It’s not enough to apologize, there may be light compensation that isn’t burdensome, but it’s enough to show their intention to admit mistakes to customers,” he said in a virtual discussion, Friday (12/5).

“Say, interbank transfer fees are waived, which is light. They get big profits so far, they have to be fair. For example, if a customer gets financing, are there sanctions or not for the customer? If so far there have been sanctions for customers, when the bank is in trouble compensation,” Meirizal demanded.

He emphasized that BSI needs to maintain the trust of its customers, both in Aceh and throughout Indonesia. Moreover, there have been many insults directed at BSI due to errors these days.

“If this (customer trust) is not maintained, there will be action later rush, massive withdrawals of funds were transferred to other banks. I haven’t seen BSI’s serious intentions, just an apology. Maintenance how many days? It seems that there is still a lot to hide,” he said.

On the other hand, PT BSI President Director Hery Gunardi said there was no rush money when Islamic banking services went wrong. Hery also said that currently customers can transact normally as usual.

“There is no (rush money),” said Hery in a press conference at Wisma Mandiri, Central Jakarta, Thursday (11/5).

The BSI banking service has had an error since last Monday (8/5). A number of customers complained that they could not access mobile banking applications or ATMs.

BSI argued that the incident occurred because it was carrying out system maintenance. As a result of this process, the system cannot be accessed temporarily.

However, Hery said that currently customers can transact normally as before. He added that the BSI normalization process had been carried out properly and his party prioritized the security of funds and customer data at the bank.

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