BRILink Agent Books IDR 325.65 Trillion Transactions until March 2023, JAKARTA — PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI continues to develop BRILink Agent services. As of March 2023, the BRILink Agent owned by BRI has served the community in 58,813 villages, or more than 70 percent of the total villages throughout Indonesia.

Overall, the number of BRILink Agents has reached 650 thousand agents spread throughout the country. The total transaction value in the first three months of 2023 has reached IDR 325.65 trillion.

An increase in BRILink Agent transactions also occurred during last year’s Eid holiday period (May 2022), there were 80,243,473 BRILink transactions compared to the same period in the previous year (May 2021) with 71,755,999 transactions.

“This means that there was an increase in BRILink transactions of almost 12 percent. This shows that the presence of BRILink Agents has proven to be very much needed by the community during this period,” said BRI Micro Business Director Supari in a press release, Saturday (29/4/2023).

With BRILink Agents, it is easier and closer for the public to meet their transaction needs during the Ramadan period and Eid holidays, starting from transfers, paying zakat, paying for groceries in e-commerce, withdrawing cash through the BRImo Super App, and buying game vouchers.

Likewise for the needs of Eid holidays such as exchanging money, withdrawing cash from abroad, and paying for transportation tickets and homecoming accommodation. According to Supari, BRILink agents continue to contribute to society even during the holiday period.

As was the case during the 2023 Eid holiday period, BRILink Agents continued to provide services to the community. “Among them are guaranteeing the convenience of the public in making transactions by utilizing available facilities including the presence of BRILink Agents,” said Supari.

Not only that, BRI also took the initiative to place BRILink Agents at strategic points for homecoming trips and people’s return flows. One of them is by working with PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) to prevent a buildup of passengers at major ports in Indonesia.

Apart from these needs, BRILink Agents also continue to serve the daily needs of the community, including payment of electricity bills, water, BPJS contributions, telephone, purchase of credit, installment payments, BRIZZI top-ups, loan deposits, providing referral services for opening BSA savings accounts and loans, and other transactions.

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