BRI Insurance distributes zakat to BAZNAS and CSR assistance to foundations

BAZNAS received corporate zakat from BRI Insurance for the business profit of the sharia insurance unit in the amount of IDR 252.24 million

Jakarta ( – PT. BRI Insurance Indonesia or BRI Insurance (BRINS) handed over zakat to the National Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) and assistance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the form of learning support tools for the foundation in order to celebrate the 34th anniversary (HUT).

BAZNAS received corporate zakat from BRI Insurance for the business profit of the sharia insurance unit in the amount of IDR 252.24 million. The symbolization of corporate zakat distribution was carried out at Graha BRI Insurance, Jakarta, Monday (17/4).

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In an official statement in Jakarta, Tuesday, Head of BAZNAS in the Field of Collection Rizaludin Kurniawan welcomed the corporate zakat given by BRI Insurance. The reason is, this is a form of concern for the management and employees of BRI Insurance for the poverty alleviation program that BAZNAS continues to intensify.

Alhamdulillah, thanks to BRI Insurance for the corporate zakat that was paid. Hopefully what is planted will become a good tree that can be picked up by many people in need,” said Rizaludin.

Still in the anniversary activities, BRI Insurance also carries out CSR activities by providing assistance in the form of educational facilities laptop, infocusand school bags for learning activities to the Al Istikmal Mosque Foundation and the Adz-Zikra Foundation.

This assistance was provided as a form of BRI Insurance’s support for educational facilities because education is the best provision for the future, so facilities and infrastructure are very important in achieving educational goals.

BRI Insurance also symbolically handed over basic food packages to residents around the BRI Insurance Head Office located in Mampang, South Jakarta.

Main Director of BRI Insurance Fankar Umran hopes that what has been jointly endeavored by BRI Insurance can become extraordinary benefits for those who need it.

BRI Insurance’s 34th Anniversary moment with the theme “More Value and Useful” means that at the age of 34, BRI Insurance is committed to always improving performance and providing the best service for customers.

This step is carried out by increasing customer involvement which is able to generate value and benefits for the services provided by BRINS as a trusted partner who is reliable for protection solutions.

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Reporter: Agatha Olivia Victoria
Editor: Ahmad Wijaya


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