BPK Supports Prevention of Flows of Funds that Trigger Violence in Papua

Armfalcon.com, JAKARTA — Member of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) I Nyoman Adhi Suryadnyana supports the government in efforts to prevent the flow of funds and logistics that trigger violence in Papua. This statement was conveyed in the activity Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with the theme “Breaking the Funding and Logistics Network of Perpetrators of Armed Violence in Papua” at the Office of the National Defense Institute (Lemhanas) quoted from the official BPK website, Jakarta, Sunday (9/4/2023).

“The inspection in the Papua region is one of BPK’s efforts to realize the 2020-2024 BPK Strategic Plan (Renstra) in the framework of improving state financial governance and accountability in the Papua region,” he said.

One of the strategies implemented by BPK is to improve audit quality in a strategic, anticipatory and responsive manner. For this reason, BPK responds to the dynamics of financial management in the Papua region through inspection activities and providing opinions to the government.

Nyoman stated that an assessment of financial governance and financial accountability in Papua was needed in the context of examining and providing BPK’s opinion to the government. This activity also provides recommendations for improving governance and risk mitigation of identified irregularities.

“One of the risks found is related to the management of the Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus),” said Member I of the BPK.

On this occasion, he also said that the audit of financial reports conducted by the BPK in the Papua region was related to efforts to prevent armed violence in Papua and West Papua, including by testing the existence assertion of cash and fixed asset inventories.

“This was done to test whether cash and weapons ammunition supplies really exist according to the records and reports,” said Nyoman.

BPK’s audit is also aimed at answering whether the use of supplies is in accordance with the duties and functions of the work unit, and whether spending sourced from the Special Autonomy Fund, Additional Infrastructure Funds, Transfer Funds to Regions, and Village Funds have been spent according to budgeting documents.

To prevent violence, especially in overcoming the root causes in the Papua and West Papua regions, it is also important to pay attention to economic aspects, effectiveness, efficiency and equality in financial management. BPK audit results can be used as a reference to ensure this is achieved.

He considers that efforts to address the root causes of violence in Papua and West Papua require addressing the problem of economic, social and educational inequality which can be carried out by distributing the income of the special autonomy funds according to regional burdens, equitable distribution of development, and conducting monitoring and evaluation.

“Therefore, I hope that the audit conducted by the BPK can help the government’s efforts to resolve problems in Papua,” said Nyoman.

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