BNI notes a decrease in the allocation of ATM money in Bali during the Eid holidays

Denpasar ( – PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI recorded an allocation of cash at automated teller machines (ATMs) in Bali of IDR 228 billion, down 30 percent compared to 2022 during the Eid holiday due to digital transactions.

“The need for ATM cash has been adjusted to the massive shift to digital activities,” said Regional Head of BNI Bali and Nusa Tenggara AA Agustiya Novitayanti in Denpasar, Thursday.

This state-owned bank optimizes digital transaction channels during the Eid holidays to minimize the use of cash.

Even though there has been a shift in transactions from conventional to digital, the need for cash at ATMs remains a concern.

He said the provision of cash at ATMs during this year’s Eid holiday period of IDR 228 billion was also projected to be sufficient to meet people’s needs.

To maintain the availability of cash at ATMs, monitoring is carried out online automatically by the banking system which can be monitored on the spot (real-time).

If the amount of cash is close to a minimum of 25 percent, a refill will be carried out so that services for cash needs through ATM channels are not hampered.

Until now there have been 340 ATM units including deposit and cash withdrawal machines or CRM, consisting of 180 ATMs and 160 CRMs in the Bali region.

To maintain the reliability of ATMs during the Eid holidays, BNI has an online monitoring system by the system and works with partners for management including the process of filling cash and handling disturbances.

Prior to the Eid holiday period, all ATMs/CRMs have undergone a maintenance process to maintain the quality of ATM services. In addition, the entire ATM management team is also on standby 24 hours,” he said.

Meanwhile, his party also opened limited services during the Eid holiday, specifically for Pertamina BBM deposits on April 20 and 24 2023 from 10.00 to 12.00 WITA at the Gatot Subroto Denpasar Sub-Branch Office (KCP).

As for deposit, withdrawal, book-entry transactions, BNI account opening, Pertamina BBM deposits, bank notes transactions can be made on 19 and 25 April 2023 starting at 09.00-14.00 WITA at the Renon Branch Office and Singaraja Branch Office.

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