BNI Invites Diaspora to Serve the Nation, JAKARTA — Indonesia’s huge advantage in terms of population and natural resources has enormous potential for sustainable economic growth. The diaspora is expected to see this opportunity and return to the country to develop the country.

Wholesale & International Banking Director of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Perseo) Tbk Silvano Rumantir explained, Indonesia has the resources and potential for a country with the world’s largest economy. Specifically, Indonesia is known as a country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

The owner of the second largest geothermal resources, the third largest democratic country, the fourth largest population and the owner of nickel reserves number one globally. However, these various potentials can simply be neglected if they are not passed on to future generations.

“This potential will only become potential if no one wants to live it. That is one of the reasons we have gathered here to try to provide a perspective that working in BUMN is now different,” he said, when BUMN greeted PPI & Entrepreneurs at the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, in written statement, Wednesday (5/4/2023).

According to him, state-owned companies in the country have improved to optimize their existing potential. In fact, in recent years, SOE Minister Erick Thohir cut the number of state-owned companies from 144 to only 41 companies.

Another form of transformation is shaping holdingstarting from holding mining (MIND ID), holding pharmaceutical sector (Bio Farma), holding food (ID Food), insurance (IFG), holding defense (ID Defend) up to holding named tourism (In Jouney). Existence holding This makes the performance of SOEs quite positive.

In fact, total assets and revenue BUMN companies reached IDR 12,500 trillion, beating Singaporean investment company, Temasek. From this development, according to him, the diaspora was invited to have the opportunity to make a direct contribution to building, as well as developing state-owned companies in line with the huge potential that exists.

Moreover, the ministry has started targeting millennials to occupy important positions in various state companies. Currently around five percent of BUMN directors are millennials.

“The hope is that this year we are quite ambitious about the 25 percent (millennial generation) target given by the ministry. I was asked by Bang Arya Sinulingga to become one of the young BUMN administrators. The chairman is also a diaspora named Soleh Ayyubi Wadir Kimia Farma,” he said.

In terms of employment opportunities, he continued, the government provides a large enough space for women. In fact, several figures have been appointed as the main directors of state-owned companies, some of them are the Managing Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati, the Managing Director of PT ASDP Ferry Indonesia (Persero), Ira Puspadewi to the Managing Director of PT Pelni (Perseo) Tri Andayani.

“If there is a little call in your heart for how anyway it’s like working for the country. Now the safest is to join BUMN. If you have an interest in working in Indonesia, there are definitely opportunities. There must be,” he said.

National Building Value

Silvano views that there are some quite pronounced differences between working in the private sector or foreign companies and state-owned companies. When working with private or foreign companies, professionals receive directions on performance growth targets and rules set directly by the head office.

All of these directions must be achieved to the maximum level. If this is not achieved, workers must be willing to be kicked out and leave the position they occupy.

“Indeed there will be many things that we can learn. But actually, We are just a number. We can be replaced at any time when we cannot follow all the targets set,” he said.

Silvano continued, similar conditions also apply to SOEs. However, in addition to struggling with targets and regulations, BUMN professionals are required to be able to help the country’s economy, through support for micro, small and medium enterprises which not many private and foreign companies want to touch.

SOEs also often get assignments to help the affected economic sector with all their efforts, but they still have to comply with all the rules of good corporate governance. At this stage, he added, professionals are required to find more innovative solutions to help the country’s economic development without leaving anyone behind.

“In addition, BUMN professionals are also required to be close to stakeholders, especially the government, to assist in designing the economy to be more sustainable,” he said.


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