BNI Distributes IDR 25.77 Trillion Export-Oriented Loans, JAKARTA — PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI noted that export-oriented credit reached IDR 25.77 trillion by March 2023. The default rate or non-performing loans (NPL) was recorded at 1.12 percent.

BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo said the interest income from foreign-oriented loans amounted to Rp 330 billion. Meanwhile, the total CASA collected was IDR 3.77 trillion.

In encouraging Xpora’s penetration even deeper, BNI is preparing the Xpora Digital Portal which will assist MSMEs in conducting business diagnosis, applying for funding, participating in training, obtaining digital solutions for business, and conducting business matching.

“Xpora as a One Stop Shopping Solution is here to support increasing the potential of Indonesian MSMEs so they can develop their business towards Go Productive, Go Digital, & Go Global MSMEs. Xpora is of course also a service center for Indonesian diaspora who are abroad,” said Okki, in a statement Friday (19/5/2023).

BNI is committed to contributing to the national economy, one of which is by developing MSMEs in Indonesia. Through Xpora, BNI is here to serve the needs of MSMEs based on three strategic focuses, namely MSME Export & Diaspora, Digital Value Chain and Ecosystem Excellence.

Okki said that in conducting exports, MSME players often face several challenges such as product competition, export procedures and licenses, access to capital, to global market access.

BNI seeks to help MSMEs face these challenges by presenting the Xpora MSME empowerment solution, which helps MSMEs starting from increasing capabilities, digitizing business processes, providing online market access and export market access. The Xpora ecosystem is a rare collaboration with BNI to answer the challenges of MSMEs.

“Xpora is the entry point for MSMEs and entrepreneurs into the BNI ecosystem which has grown large, by offering convenience to increase sales to help find potential buyers. Of course, BNI also provides access to digitizing its business processes,” said Okki.

Okki added, to get information about Xpora’s programs and features, MSMEs can visit the Xpora Hub, which is currently spread across seven cities, including Medan (KK Juanda), Jakarta (KCP Smesco), Bandung (KCU JPK), Solo (KCP Eleven March). ), Surabaya (KCU Surabaya), Makassar (KCU Makassar), and Denpasar (KCU Gajah Mada).

The public can also contact BNI Call or visit the Xpora Digital Platform to get more detailed information regarding export solutions with Xpora.

Meanwhile, to connect MSMEs with overseas buyers, BNI relies on overseas branch offices (KCLN) which are currently spread across London, New York, Amsterdam, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Okki said KCLN also played a role in creating access for Indonesian exporters to purchase overseas, offering financial solutions to the diaspora for scale up, and collaborating with associations to promote Indonesian products.

“BNI KCLN also provides education about foreign markets, export potential and of course export procedures in each region,” said Okki.


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