BNI Distributes 350 Food Packages for Probolinggo Residents, MALANG — PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Tbk distributed at least 350 basic food packages for underprivileged residents in Probolinggo, East Java. BNI targets the poor, from orphanages to pedicab drivers.

“Our target in sharing kindness in the holy month of Ramadan this year is the underprivileged, namely the poor, orphanages, daily workers such as street vendors, public transportation drivers, online motorcycle taxis, pedicab drivers, and others,” said the Head of the BNI Probolinggo Sri Branch Office. Wijayanti in a release received in Malang, Wednesday (19/4/2023).

He said in order to welcome Ramadhan 1444 Hijriyah and in accordance with BNI’s mission, namely caring for the environment and society, this year his party is again holding an assistance program which is routinely held every year.

This assistance program, he continued, was not just about providing assistance, it was further aimed at staying in touch, building togetherness, and sharing with the surrounding community. Sri Wijayanti explained that this year’s program entitled “Jump Higher Carving Kindness” was carried out around the BNI Probolinggo office environment where the population is predominantly Muslim.

The basic food packages for underprivileged residents contain premium quality rice, sugar, cooking oil, syrup, tea, biscuits and other foods. The provision of these basic food packages, said Sri Wijayanti, coordinated with local external parties to obtain data on prospective aid recipients so that they were right on target.

“Our hope is that this basic food assistance will provide benefits and help ease the burden on the community in welcoming Eid 2023,” he said.

In previous years, the BNI Malang Regional Office, which oversees a number of areas, including Probolinggo, also provided food assistance for underprivileged residents. Not only during Ramadan, at Christmas celebrations, BNI also provides assistance to residents around the nearest branch office.

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