bjb E-Tax Helps Local Governments Boost PAD in the Tax Sector

Jakarta, – Paying taxes is the obligation of all Indonesian people who have been categorized as taxpayers. Bank bjb provides bjb E-Tax services for customers and prospective customers to pay taxes quickly and easily.

As a local government partner, bank bjb always tries to assist in the tax payment service process through the nearest bank bjb branch office or through the bjb DIGI application.

In addition to banking transactions such as cash withdrawals, savings and transfers, bank bjb also facilitates various tax payment transactions for customers with the concept one step payment service. Bank bjb also guarantees security, confidentiality and accuracy in practical and efficient tax payments.

“The bjb E-Tax program is also meant to minimize human error due to human error and negligence. By using the E-Tax service, especially with the bjb DIGI application, customers can get mutations or proof of payment directly from their cellphones. So there is no need to get paper or notebooks from these payments,” said the Head of the Corporate Division of bank bjb, Widi Hartoto in a written statement, Sunday (30/4/3023).

Several tax services that can be performed with bjb E-Tax are services for paying motor vehicle tax, land and building tax or PBB and business tax.

Widi explained, the scope of other tax payment services is in the form of central taxes or services that are state revenue, provincial regional taxes in the form of Samsat services and City and Regency regional taxes.

This tax service is very useful for customers where it saves time without having to queue and is also flexible because they can make transactions anywhere as long as they are connected to an internet network. If not connected to the internet network, customers can also make transactions with bjb SMS.

In managing regional tax revenues, bank bjb has also collaborated with DKI Jakarta Province and 34 Cities and Regencies in West Java and Banten Provinces. Apart from West Java, Banten and DKI Jakarta, bank bjb is also available in Batam City and Pekanbaru City.

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