Bitter & Painful, These 4 Facts Precisely Save Your Cash

Jakarta, – Having good financial literacy is one of the keys to achieving financial independence. But ironically, not a few don’t think that financial literacy and other financial understandings are quite important.

Some of the facts below may make you feel important that as individuals, we cannot allow ourselves to be financially blind.

Intrigued by the facts in question? Here’s the review.

1. Everyone you love will surely pass away

Maybe we have a steady income, but there are people who still provide free housing, free meals, and loans when your financial condition is not friendly.

But know that no one can live forever in this world. This includes people you really love, like your parents and spouse.

This fact will certainly be a warning to those of us who are still too dependent on them to this day in terms of finances. When they are gone, the facilities we used to enjoy will no longer exist.

2. Prices of goods and services continue to rise

Inflation is a real thing, and you have to deal with it no matter what your financial situation is. The harsh reality of course comes at a time when inflation is skyrocketing and our financial condition is in trouble.

That’s why it’s very important for you to understand ways to earn a side income while managing good finances.

The more funds you can set aside for the future, the greater your ability to save, build your financial foundation and invest.

3. All investments have risks

Even the safest investments come with risks that might cost you money down the line.

Understanding about investment assets is very important, especially if you want to grow your wealth in the future.

Without investment, the value of the money you have can be eroded by inflation. Rich dreams are just wishful thinking.

4. The company you work for can go bankrupt

Wherever you work, there is no guarantee that the company will last until the end of time. Remember that there is always the risk of losing a job that haunts employees.

At its core, business is like a spinning wheel. Sometimes it’s above and sometimes it’s below, but be aware that sometimes tires can explode when forced to rotate in unfavorable conditions.

While your financial condition is safe and still working, develop knowledge related to career and finances to anticipate this in the future.

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