BI Simbar educates the public about digital transactions through FEKDI

FEKDI 2023 is being held so that people can get additional insight regarding digital finance and then apply this insight to their daily lives.

Padang ( – Bank Indonesia West Sumatra Representative conducts education and outreach regarding digital transactions through the 2023 Indonesian Digital Financial Economy Festival (FEKDI).

“FEKDI 2023 is being held so that people can gain additional insight regarding digital finance and then apply this insight to their daily lives,” said West Sumatra BI Deputy Head Dadang Arif Kusuma at the launch of FEKDI in Padang, Monday.

According to him, the dissemination of information related to digital transactions as a whole is a form of step to support the realization of West Sumatra Go Digital.

“The realization of West Sumatra Go Digital by expanding the actualization of digital payments both from the merchant and user side, increasing digital transactions both in volume and nominal, and encouraging economic growth along with improving the quality of payment transactions that are fast, easy, cheap, safe and reliable in every sector. economy,” he said.

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According to him, the implementation of digitalization does not only target retail transactions but is also encouraged to increase regional income, manage the budget effectively and efficiently. For the West Sumatra region, this has been implemented by the Regional Government in managing financial transactions and has developed rapidly.

One of the indicators is the Local Government Transaction Electronification Index (IETPD), for West Sumatra in 2022 there will be 17 local governments that have reached the “digital” stage, and three other regional governments are at the “Advanced” stage.

According to him, this was driven by various innovative efforts made by the Team for the Acceleration and Expansion of Regional Digitalization (TP2DD) for each local government through the TP2DD 2022 Championship for the Sumatra region, West Sumatra won several achievements from the second best province on the island of Sumatra.

Then Padang City became the third best city on the island of Sumatra and Sijunjung Regency became the first best district in the Sumatra region and Tanah Datar Regency became the third best district level in the Sumatra region

In addition, FEKDI is expected to be a moment to increase synergy between Bank Indonesia, regional governments, PJP, business actors, and associations in raising awareness regarding the use of digital payments, especially QRIS in transactions, both through outreach, education and massive promotion.

“FEKDI 2023 which is part of the series of events for the Chair of ASEAN Indonesia 2023, thus Indonesia has been the chairman of ASEAN five times. Of course this time’s activity is to support Indonesia’s theme to develop ASEAN matters: the epicentrum of growth,” he said

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He said digital finance has become a necessity for all people and for the Southeast Asia region, ASEAN has prepared three pillars of Priorities Economic Deliverables, namely Recover Rebuilding, Digital Economy and Sustainability.

According to him, this indicates that financial inclusion and digital literacy are the main factors that support increasing a country’s economic capacity through faster circulation of funds, ease of payment transactions and increased payment system interconnectivity.

According to him, various innovations in the digital economy and finance sector in Indonesia are developing rapidly, such as QRIS, SNAP, BIFAST, and others. I

“This innovation is a step in accelerating digital financial inclusion in all regions in Indonesia. Even the P2SK Law strongly encourages digital finance, one of which is through Digital Rupiah,” he said.

He said that with various innovations, alternative means of payment will be more diverse with increasing speed, convenience, efficiency, security and reliability.

“Utilization has also penetrated various sectors such as government transactions, trade, MSMEs, tourism,” he said.

Reporter: Mario Sofia Nasution
Editor: Nusarina Yuliastuti


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