Beware, the Financial Pandemic Has Started!

Jakarta, – Author Rich Dad & Poor DadRobert Kiyosaki gave a warning to all netizens on his Twitter account by saying that currently there has been a market crash that is quite terrible.

“FINANCIAL PANDEMIC is here. The (financial) meltdown is happening right now. I suggest you all listen to my two brilliant colleagues Brian Rose and Jim Rikards at London Real about their discussion on the Financial Pandemic. Invest in yourselves and for the future The future is bright for you, be careful,” Kiyosaki said in his Twitter account, (7/5).

Two things that are quite interesting to note from Kiyosaki’s tweets are Kiyosaki’s statements regarding investing in oneself and the future.

It is often said that investing in yourself is the most profitable investment.

And it doesn’t cost a lot because there are so many useful things for us that we can get for free.

What are the investments for yourself?

Investing in knowledge is one of them. The developing world will require all of us to develop the knowledge we have today so that we can compete in the future.

Knowledge is of course not only limited to work skills, but also knowledge related to financial planning.

Finance, which was never taught in school, is actually very important for managing your future, so you can deal with all situations that arise. One of them is times like economic uncertainty.

Recently we have witnessed an economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have been laid off, businesses have gone out of business, and so on.

With knowledge about financial management, you can certainly manage and protect your finances well, so as to develop wealth for the future in difficult times.

Without good knowledge and understanding, investing in the future is certainly not an easy thing to do. Don’t be surprised if lots of people get caught up in fraudulent investments because of their lack of understanding.

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