Beware Bukber Makes Poor, Here’s How to Anticipate Before It’s Too Late!

Jakarta, – Breaking the fast together or bukber is certainly a routine activity in the month of Ramadan. But make no mistake, activities whose purpose is to strengthen ties between your friends and relatives, can result in financial problems in the future if not anticipated in advance.

It’s no secret that in the month of Ramadan, your expenses can swell. This is because there are plans to distribute THR to those closest to them, send hampers, and go home to their hometowns.

How’s it going with the bukber outlay? This one activity also often contributes to increasing your expenses in the month of Ramadan.

If expenses increase, the holiday allowance (THR) money from the workplace can be used up for consumptive things.

In order to keep your finances healthy, apply the following steps to be aware of the swelling expenses during the bukber.

No need to come to all the invitation books

As mentioned above, the true purpose of bukber is to become a gathering place for friends and family. Bukber is often used as a place for reunions with your old friends.

For example, there are elementary, middle school, high school and college alumni booklets, there are also alumni organizations or workplace alumni.

Is it wrong to attend all iftar invitations from your friends and relatives? Of course not if your finances are still healthy. But if it’s the other way around, consider not attending all of the bukber invitations.

With that, you can prioritize attending the bukber event held by someone closest to you. For example, at two family bukber events, bukber with co-workers, alumni bukber with friends from the same campus, high school alumni bukber, and bukber with your close friends.

Determine the maximum budget for spending bukber

The more events you attend and the more food you order, the more you will spend.

Be aware that there will be a tendency to buy additional dishes when breaking the fast. For example, you will buy snacks before eating the main meal, and besides that, you can buy more than one drink during bukber.

It is possible, you can spend Rp. 500 thousand for one iftar event. Just imagine, if you attend five events, your expenses can reach IDR 2.5 million.

To be aware of the swelling of these expenses, just determine the maximum budget that you spend for one time breaking. For example, a maximum of IDR 300,000 for one bukber event or IDR 1.5 million for all bukber events.

In order to save money, you also have to be more selective in determining the food menus you choose.

Keep monitoring your expenses in the month of Ramadan

You may have already determined how many open-air events you will attend along with the maximum budget, but without regular checks of your monthly financial cash flow, it is possible that some expenses will appear whose sources are undetectable and make your finances a mess.

It could be that your expenses have increased because your transportation costs from the bukber place to the house have increased due to traffic jams and rain.

When you have expenses like this, you can anticipate them by reducing your open-booking expenses or reducing expenses in other posts that can be reduced.

Always remember the other financial obligations that must be met

For those of you who still have debt repayments, remember that the financial burden must be repaid immediately. The month of Ramadan is the month when you can pay off some of these debts with THR.

Don’t let THR be used for open-air activities that only last a few hours.

If you have no debt, remember that you have a great opportunity to invest this month.

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