Bank Sampoerna posted a net profit of IDR 26.8 billion for 2022

Jakarta ( – Bank Sahabat Sampoerna (Bank Sampoerna) posted a net profit of IDR 26.8 billion in 2022

In an official statement received in Jakarta, Wednesday, Bank Sampoerna CEO Ali Rukmijah said the net profit was obtained from Bank Sampoerna’s use of a conservative extension of credit restructuring relaxation by reducing the percentage of restructured loans and increasing the allowance for impairment losses by up to 48.5 percent.

As is known, the credit restructuring relaxation policy for MSMEs in the context of economic recovery related to COVID-19 has been extended by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) until the end of 2024.

Throughout 2022, Bank Sampoerna also posted a net interest income of IDR 830.2 billion, an increase of 15.3 percent compared to the same period the previous year (year-on-yeahr/yoy), mainly achieved through a reduction in interest expenses by nearly 32.9 percent (yoy) to IDR 384.4 billion.

In terms of capital, Ali said Bank Sampoerna also has a very strong foundation. Shareholder commitments have been realized, among others, through an increase in Bank Sampoerna’s capital to more than IDR 3 trillion since June 2022.

Thus, Bank Sampoerna has a capital adequacy ratio (Capital Adequacy Ratio/ CAR) of 33 percent by the end of 2022 and ready to serve more MSMEs this year.

Furthermore, he said that the performance achieved by Bank Sampoerna could not be separated from collaboration with various parties and the use of technology. In 2023, Bank Sampoerna has collaborated with no less than 40 financial technology companies (fintech/fintech), company multisavings and loan cooperatives (KSP), and various other financial institutions to provide funding to more MSMEs and the general public.

Technology has also been applied as needed such as function integration facial recognition (face recognition) and liveness detection (face recognition in the application is a real user, not a photo or statue) to speed up the process of opening Sampoerna Mobile Savings online.

In 2023, Bank Sampoerna has also implemented open API (Application Programming Interface) which allows third party partners to build applications and services that are integrated with services at Bank Sampoerna without compromising network security or customer data.

Apart from a number of negative sentiments from several events abroad that could affect the condition of the Indonesian economy, Ali believes that there are sufficient reasons to look optimistically at Indonesia’s economic growth and the banking industry in 2023.

“Not only has demand for loans continued to strengthen, but also the adequacy of capital in the banking industry and the increasingly integrated collaboration between the banking industry, fintechand other industries, are important capital for strong and quality growth,” he said.

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Reporter: Agatha Olivia Victoria
Editor: Biqwanto Situmorang


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