Bank OCBC NISP’s Net Profit Increases 65.8 Percent in the First Quarter of 2023, JAKARTA — Bank OCBC NISP posted a net profit increase of 65.8 percent compared to the same period last year (yoy) from IDR 621 billion in the first quarter of 2022 to IDR 1.03 trillion in the first quarter of 2023. Increase in profit net thanks to the implementation of a consistent and sustainable business strategy, accompanied by the company’s digital optimization.

Bank OCBC NISP’s President Director, Parwati Surjaudaja said, Bank OCBC NISP’s profit growth was also driven by, among other things, an increase in net interest income of 25.3 percent (yoy) from IDR 1.95 trillion to IDR 2.45 trillion. In addition, there was a decrease in the allowance for losses by 51.3 percent (yoy) from minus IDR 575 billion to IDR 280 billion.

In the same period, Bank OCBC NISP also posted an increase in total credit by 11.6 percent (yoy) from IDR 123.3 trillion to IDR 137.6 trillion. Bank OCBC NISP’s loan disbursement is maintained with the ratio of non-performing loans at the level of 2.4 percent.

Parwati said, next, her party would focus on continuing to develop inclusive financial services. However, Bank OCBC NISP continues to pay close attention to changes that occur, including paying attention to national and global economic conditions, trends in benchmark interest rates, and regular inflation.

The company also continues to accelerate and transform banking capabilities and capabilities, including in terms of digitalization. Digital activity of individual customers through ONe Mobile Bank OCBC NISP recorded an increase of 54 percent (yoy) in the first quarter of this year.

In the corporate business segment, he said, Bank OCBC NISP recorded an increase in Velocity users by 17 percent (yoy), which shows that more and more corporate customers prefer this integrated digital channel so that business can run smoothly.

Furthermore, Bank OCBC NISP consistently runs a sustainable business by channeling sustainable financing in the form of environmentally and gender-based loans.

As of March 31 2023, Bank OCBC NISP disbursed loans through the Women Warriors program with an increase of 9.6 percent (yoy). Meanwhile, the number of women entrepreneurs increased by 12.5 percent (yoy).

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