Bank Mandiri Update Official SMS Number, JAKARTA — In order to improve banking services, Bank Mandiri announced a change in the official SMS service number from 3355 to 83355. The change in number is also in line with the provisions of the Minister of Communication and Information Regulation (Permenkominfo) Number 5 of 2021, to be precise on Article 139 letter b.

Bank Mandiri Corporate Secretary Rudi As Tataridha ensured that the process for changing this number had been carefully prepared. In addition, Bank Mandiri has also provided clear guidance and information through the company’s official communication channels to all customers regarding the change in the Bank Mandiri SMS service number.

“In the near future, Bank Mandiri’s SMS service number will be changed from 3355 to 83355. This SMS number adjustment has taken effect from March 17, 2023 and will be effective no later than April 30, 2023,” said Rudi in a written statement, Friday (28/4/2023 ).

Prior to April 30, 2023, customers can still send SMS to 3355 and 83355, then a reply SMS will be sent from number 83355. “If after April 30, 2023, the customer still sends SMS to the existing number 3355, then the customer’s SMS has not been sent successfully,” he added.

Rudi emphasized that the change in Bank Mandiri’s SMS service number would not affect Bank Mandiri’s banking services. All customers can still carry out financial transactions smoothly through all Bank Mandiri banking services as usual.

“We hope that the change to Bank Mandiri’s SMS service number can improve the quality of our services and provide convenience for all customers in making transactions,” he said.

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