Bank Crisis in the US But High Inflation, The Fed Still Hawkish?

Jakarta, UOB Indonesia’s Head of Economic & Research, Enrico Tanuwidjaja assesses the case of the US banking collapse to be an indirect impact of The Fed’s interest rate increase to mitigate demand from the financial sector but the impact is faster. However, it is projected that the Fed will still raise interest rates by 25 bps at the FOMC in May 2023.

In line with Enrico, Country Head of Financial Markets Standard Chartered Indonesia, Adhi Sulistyo also views that US inflation which is still high will encourage The Fed to raise interest rates even though it will not be aggressive.

What is the direction of the Fed’s interest rate policy amidst high inflation and pressure from the banking sector? See Syarifah Rahma’s dialogue with Standard Chartered Indonesia Country Head of Financial Markets, Adhi Sulistyo and Head of Economic & Research UOB Indonesia, Enrico Tanuwidjaja at the Power Lunch,CNBCIndonesia (Tuesday, 28/03/2023)

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