Bank Bjb Supports BI Provides New Rupiah Money for Eid Al-Fitr 2023, BANDUNG — This year, Bank bjb has returned to support Bank Indonesia (BI) in providing new rupiah currency needs for the Ramadan and Idul Fitri 1444 Hijri periods.

Carrying the theme “SERAMBI: The Lively Rupiah of Ramadan and the Blessings of Eid Al-Fitr”, BI is also collaborating with other Financial Services Institutions (LJK) in a new money exchange service this year.

The SERAMBI 2023 Kickoff was held on Monday 20 March 2023 at Bank Indonesia Head Office, Jakarta and Monday 27 March 2023 at Bank Indonesia West Java Representative Office (KPw), Bandung. In addition to integrated cash services at Bank Indonesia, LJKs also provide mobile cash services for money changers spread across various points in Indonesia.

Head of the Corporate Secretary Division of bank bjb Widi Hartoto said that his party provides money exchange services throughout the bank bjb office network. There is also a mobile cash service that can be accessed by the public in several areas across Indonesia.

“All bank bjb office networks spread across 14 provinces in Indonesia serve new money exchanges during Ramadan and ahead of Idul Fitri 2023. In addition, we also provide mobile cash services so that we can reach a wider community,” said Widi.

As for bank bjb’s mobile cash services, it can be accessed in the following areas:

• DKI Jakarta, 3-14 April 2023 at the At-Tin Grand Mosque,

• Bandung, 4-18 April 2023 in West Java KPw BI Office Yard,

• Tasikmalaya, 3 April 2023 at X-Sha Singaparna Plaza, 4 April 2023 at the Manonjaya District Office, 5-6 April 2023 at the Pajajaran Store Yard (Taman Kehati Cheap Market, Banjar City), 10-11 April 2023 at Perbu Mangkubumi Field (Pasar Cheap Tasikmalaya City) and April 12-13 2023 in the Tamansari District Office Yard (Tasikmalaya City Cheap Market),

• Cirebon, 10-13 April 2023 in Grage City and 17-20 April in the KM Rest Area. 166,

• Serang, 27 March 2023 & 20 April 2023 at Serang City Square,

• Cilegon, 13 April 2023 & 19 April 2023, at Cilegon City Square,

• Rangkasbitung, 17 April 2o23 at Rangkasbitung Square,

• Pandeglang, 18 April 2023 at Pandeglang Square,

• Tegal, 27 March 2023 at Setono Wholesale Market, 5 April 2023 Tegal City Samsat, 17 April 2023 at Citywalk Jl. A. Yani, 18 April 2023 at Rest Area 379A Gringsing Batang,

• Semarang, March 27 2023 – April 18 2023 at the Central Java KPw BI Parking Lot,

• Surabaya, March 26 2023 – April 9 2023 at the East Java KPw BI Parking Lot,

• Pekanbaru, 12 April 2023 at the Riau BI KPw Parking Lot,

• Denpasar, 10 April 2023 at Renon Field,

• Banjarmasin, 5 April 2023 at Teluk Dalam Market,

• Balikpapan, 11 April 2023 at BSB Mall.

*(time and place may change at any time)

“However, the type of emission will be adjusted according to the supply. There will be 2016 and 2022 emissions, but it is certain that all of them are new money,” said Widi.

Apart from that, his party also appealed to the public to always exchange money at official services under the auspices of Bank Indonesia to avoid unwanted things.

In the face of the Eid holidays and the flow of Eid al-Fitr 1444 H, bank bjb will allocate funds to meet operational needs, as an anticipatory step towards the trend of money needs among the public. This is because the need for money always increases every year before Eid al-Fitr.

Bank bjb projects a cash need of IDR 12.5 trillion. The funds will be allocated to meet operational needs and IDR 7.6 trillion for the availability of ATM & CRM funds throughout the bank bjb office network in 14 provinces in Indonesia.

“bank bjb has prepared liquidity funds that can be disbursed to meet the cash needs of the community during Ramadan and during Eid al-Fitr 2023. The community is expected to utilize these funds as much as possible,” said Widi.

Even though bank bjb has anticipated an increase in the need for cash in the community, bank bjb still encourages the public to optimize digital transactions through the available channels.

Bank bjb customers can easily use non-operational office services with e-channels such as bjb ATM, bjb EDC, DigiCash by bank bjb, DIGI (DIGI Mobile, DIGI NET, DIGI SMS). All of these e-channel services provide facilities that enable customers to transact for various purposes without having to make physical contact, or even move from their place.

Banking services that can be accessed through bank bjb e-channels include checking balances, money transfers, water payments, telephone, credit cards, subscription television, internet, credit top-up and others.

“This service provides convenience and security to customers when conducting banking transactions. We also urge customers who use e-channel services to always be aware of fraudulent modes and never give data such as PIN, CVV and OTP numbers to anyone.” Widy said.

Furthermore, Widi asked the public to be careful regarding all attempts of fraud on behalf of bank bjb. Do not carry out banking transactions using public wifi, do not access links/install applications carelessly whose sources cannot be accounted for, be wary of skimming, phishing and other modes.

All forms of information regarding promos, products and services, programs and other information will be officially informed on the official bank bjb communication channel, he said. The official bank bjb contacts that can be accessed by the public include the bjb call center Call 14049, Twitter @infobankbjb, Instagram @bankbjb, Facebook @bankbjb, e-mail [email protected] and the website” Close Widi.

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