Backflow, Pemalang-Batang Toll Fares Discounted 20 Percent April 27-29


PT Waskita Toll Road (WTR) through its subsidiary PT Pemalang Batang Toll Road (PBTR) provides discounts toll rates by 20 percent on the Road Pemalang-Batang Highway for support reverse flow Eid 2023.

Director of Control & K3LMP WTR, Mokh Sadali said the rate discount was valid from 27 April 2023 at 06.00 WIB to 29 April 2023 at 06.00 WIB. He added that the discount rate applies to all vehicle classes.

However, the discount only applies to road users who travel the furthest distance, namely from Kalikangkung – Cikampek Utama. Meanwhile, he said, non-continuous road users would be charged normal rates.

“The discounted toll rates are one of WTR’s contributions to the 2023 Eid return homecoming. In preparation for the return flow, it is hoped that this will provide a solution to overcrowding.
traffic during the peak of the return flow of Eid,” he said in a statement issued in Jakarta, Friday (28/4).

He explained during the discount period, the rates would be as follows;

1. Class I vehicles, which originally cost IDR 45,000, will be discounted to IDR 36,000.

2. Class II and III vehicles, which originally cost Rp. 67,500, are discounted to Rp. 54,000.

3. As for class IV and V vehicles, which originally cost Rp. 90,000, a tariff of Rp. 72,000 will be imposed.

This discount also only applies specifically to normal electronic card transactions.

He said that in order to anticipate the smooth return of Eid, PBTR is also still implementing the system oneway in accordance with applicable directives and make preparations such as preparing officers standby to monitor traffic conditions.

PBTR also prepared mobile readers to untangle the line and the tow truck standby and will be used if there is a vehicle obstacle, by towing it directly to the gate so that there are no obstacles on the shoulder of the road.

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