Babylonian exports in February 2023 fell 63.36 percent

Pangkalpinang, Babel ( – The Central Bureau of Statistics for the Bangka Belitung Islands Province noted that the export value in February 2023 reached US$112.56 million, down 63.36 percent compared to February the previous year which was US$307.25 million.

“Export year on year (February 2023 compared to February 2022) decreased by 63.36 percent, due to decreased tin exports,” said BPS Head of Babel Islands Province Toto Haryanto Silitonga in Pangkalpinang, Babel, Wednesday.

He said exports of tin commodities in February 2023 fell by 71.14 percent, which was valued at 81.26 million dollars. Meanwhile, exports of non-tin commodities were recorded at 31.31 million dollars, up 21.90 percent.

“Cumulatively (c-to-c), the export value from January to February 2023 has decreased by 93.38 percent compared to January-February 2022. The decline in export value was driven by a decrease in tin exports by 94.86 percent,” he said.

He stated that exports of non-tin commodities also experienced a decline of 83.55 percent. As of February 2023, the role of tin and non-tin in total exports is 67.38 percent and 32.62 percent, respectively.

According to him, tin from the Bangka Belitung Islands Province is mostly exported to countries in Asia, with China still being the main destination country.
“Throughout January-February 2023, as much as 39.85 percent of tin exports were sent to the Bamboo Curtain country,” he said.

Furthermore, the portion of South Korea and India was recorded at 14.86 percent and 10.55 percent of tin exports were exported to the two countries. Next in line are Singapore and Taiwan. The five main export destination countries for tin contributed 81.21 percent.

“Cumulatively (c-to-c), there was a contraction in export growth to the five biggest tin destination countries. China contracted by up to 52.06 percent and South Korea contracted up to 66.40 percent. Taiwan is the country with the deepest contraction, up to 71.88 percent. ,” he said.

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Editor: Click Dewanto


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