Avoid Data Leakage, Here’s BCA’s Efforts to Anticipate Cyber ​​Attacks

Armfalcon.com, JAKARTA — PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) continues to innovate digital services to ensure a safe and reliable banking transaction platform. This is to respond to the digitalization trend which is increasing after the pandemic.

Executive Vice President of Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility of BCA, Hera F. Haryn explained, not only innovating, BCA also carries out safeguards with layered security standards, risk and liability management, and accountability.

“This is to keep customer data and digital transactions safe and avoid data leakage through the implementation of strategies in terms of people, processAnd technology,” Hera told him RepublikaTuesday (16/5/2023).

people or people is the weakest link in digital security. Therefore, there is a need for ongoing and continuous education, so that customers can avoid cybercriminal attacks.

In this regard, BCA consistently provides education and outreach related to social engineering to customers through webinars, various kinds of content on social media and website BCA, in collaboration with the national media publisher, KOL, push ad (digital campaign) on social media, as well as placing educational advertisements on radio and programs with the highest ratings on a number of national TV stations.

“BCA also conducts education offline to a number of communities, including the anti-social community Hoax throughout Indonesia,” said Hera.

In addition, BCA also implements several security processes such as ISO 27001 certified BCA for the implementation of standardized information security management systems, as well as PCI DSS to secure credit card transactions. As a financial institution, BCA also follows and is committed to supporting the policies of the regulators, namely Bank Indonesia and OJK.

“BCA as a national bank is principally committed to supporting policies and directives from the government, regulators and banking authorities,” said Hera.

In terms of technology, BCA also uses multiple layers of security from the latest and most reliable security devices, both in computer systems, networks, applications, and data. Specifically for data security, BCA also implements Data Loss Prevention technology.

In addition, to ensure BCA’s cyber security, BCA’s digital assets are continuously monitored 24 hours a day through the Security Operations Center (SOC), to avoid the risk of cyber attacks and data leaks. All of these security strategies and standards are always updated and evaluated on an ongoing basis in accordance with risk appetite BCA and development cyber threat landscape.

This is BCA’s form of support for the development of technologies in the financial sector. Going forward, BCA will further expand and strengthen the shared ecosystem, both in the financial services sector and potential future technology-oriented sectors.

source: ekonomi.republika.co.id

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