Australia will only allow vapes to be sold in pharmacies


Government Australia will forbid vape recreation for free. How, by revising the law E-cigarette in order to tighten vape sales. Later, vape is only sold in pharmacies.

This step was taken to reduce the increase in the number of vape users among teenagers, as well as to help smokers quit.

“Just as they did with smoking cigarettes, Big Tobacco has taken other addictive products, wrapped them in glossy packaging and added flavors to create a new generation of nicotine addicts,” said Health Secretary Mark Butler. ReutersTuesday (2/5).

In the new law, in the future vape will only be sold in pharmacies and requires packaging like pharmaceutical products.

Vape is seen as an alternative product that is safer than conventional cigarettes, and is useful for helping smokers quit. However, a number of studies have shown the potential for long-term harm from these e-cigarettes because they are addictive.

Butler said e-cigarettes had become a recreational product in Australia, where the majority of users were teenagers and young people.

“This is a product targeted at our children, sold alongside candies and chocolate bars,” says Butler.

Vaping it has now become the number one behavior problem in high school. And it also extends to elementary schools,” he added.

The medical community supports the government’s clampdown on vape-free sales, but they urge authorities to do more.

About 22 per cent of Australians aged 18-24 have used an e-cigarette or vape at least once, according to 2022 data.

Although a prescription is required to purchase a nicotine vape in Australia. However, these strict regulations have made illegal vape trading rampant on the black market.

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