Ari Wibowo’s Family’s ‘Kitchen’ Affairs Using a Credit Card, Safe?

Jakarta, – Ari Wibowo suddenly went viral after the news of his divorce from Inge Anugrah came out to the public.

Inge’s lawyer, Petrus Bala Pattyona also said that the actor never gave cash to his wife but only a credit card for shopping needs in the kitchen.

“Only to shop for the kitchen was given a credit card with a certain limit. But while living together he never held money,” said Petrus at the South Jakarta District Court, Monday (17/4), as quoted CNN.

In fact, there’s nothing wrong with using a credit card to shop for daily needs, especially those related to the kitchen.

Credit cards also have many benefits, some of which are attractive promos to reward points that you can use to reduce bills, and so on.

But know that behind these conveniences, there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of. If you really want to use this card for shopping, then know a few things below.

Credit cards can be used for the right or wrong things

When you use the card to shop for monthly needs, pay insurance premiums, or other transactions that are still within your budget, then you have used it the right way.

But can you make a credit card cash withdrawal to pay off your other debt arrears? Although wrong of course this can be done.

In essence, this card can be used for all things, both right and wrong.

By using a credit card for one payment, you have actually added another type of consumer debt. Increasing debt will actually burden the monthly cash flow to reduce wealth.

If you really have to use a credit card to catch a promo, make a payment as soon as possible after using it.

People can have credit cards with higher limits than income

According to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) website, the minimum monthly income for having a credit card is IDR 3 million. Then for people earning between IDR 3 million and IDR 10 million, they are allowed to have two credit cards.

So what happens if the person in question has a salary of Rp. 10 million and above? It is stated that there are no special arrangements for cardholders with income above IDR 10 million per month.

These settings are returned to the card issuer for adjustment risk appetite each.

Unknowingly, the consumption temptation for credit card holders is quite high. With its ease of use and large limits, it is very likely that the use of credit cards will become overlimit, as a result debt will increase and the value of wealth will continue to decline.

When someone is in credit card debt, then assets can be lost because of the obligation to pay off this debt.

Love shopping with a credit card? Finances must be secure

Credit card holders must have a good mindset that this means of payment is not extra money. And they must also have good financial health, which is marked by an ideal emergency fund and adequate savings.

It is very important to anticipate what will happen if one day you lose your income and you are still obliged to pay the installments.

Without healthy finances, you can delay payments or apply for a loan to pay off debts to dig holes to close holes.

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