Ari Wibowo Affirms Prenuptial Agreement Not for Poor Wives

Jakarta, – Famous artist Ari Wibowo finally opened up about the prenuptial agreement he made before marrying Inge Anugrah.

The younger brother of Ira Wibowo said that the existence of a prenuptial agreement was actually very useful to protect his wife from all financial losses from Ari’s business ambitions.

“I already know that my plans are impossible to be in the entertainment world forever, I’m going to enter the business world, even now I have entered culinary and other businesses. I’m currently running a property, that’s with a prenuptial agreement, all debts “My debt is not a burden to my wife,” explained Ari Wibowo, as quoted InsertLive(16/5).

“So if I take a wrong step, it turns out that I have failed in my business. If there was no prenuptial agreement, the bank could confiscate everything,” he added.

As is well known, the existence of a prenuptial agreement not only eliminates the status of joint property between the husband and wife, but also eliminates the existence of joint debts.

When one partner takes credit to finance a business or other consumptive affairs, the credit debt will be fully his personal debt. When a default occurs, the creditor will only confiscate the assets written in the name of the partner who is the debtor.

Likewise, if there is a process of buying and selling shares carried out by one of the spouses, the absence of a prenuptial agreement will certainly make the purchased company shares become joint property which in the event of a divorce, the shares can become joint assets.

When one partner has to sell shares of a company he owns, of course he must first ask for approval from his partner.

However, with a prenuptial agreement, he can freely sell the shares at any time he wants.

In his statement at insertLive, Ari also advised many people not to look at this agreement from the bad side, because the average modern family already has this agreement.

If you feel this agreement is important, but you didn’t have time to make it with your partner when you married, you can still make a similar agreement called a postnup or postnup agreement.

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