Are you sure you want to have ART? Have this much money first so that your wallet is safe

Jakarta, – Using the services of a household assistant (ART) can indeed help you lighten the burden around household affairs. But are you ready with the costs that must be incurred?

Hiring a household member doesn’t only have to think about salary issues, but there are other costs that you have to prepare far in advance and in the future.

Therefore, before you make a decision regarding this quite crucial matter, take a look at some of the expenses that you must prepare for below.

Shop for furniture & small-scale home renovations if any

Before the new household member arrives, of course you have to prepare a bedroom for him. When there is no room left, then you most likely have to do small-scale renovations at home.

But if there is already an empty room that is fit to be a room, then your job is to shop for furniture such as cupboards, beds, mirrors, and others for the needs of the household member you are recruiting.

Shopping or renovation is certainly not a small expense. Make plans for this well in advance.

Monthly salary

Of course your monthly expenses will increase because there is another obligation, namely paying the monthly salary of the household member. The salary of ART is of course very varied and everything must be readjusted according to ability, work experience, and work intensity.

ART is actually not much different from employees in general, when there is a better job offer, it is more likely that he will move to a new place.

Do some research by finding out the ideal household member’s salary for your colleagues, relatives or acquaintances.

Increased cost of living

Not only salary, the presence of a household member is the same as the presence of a new family member. As the head of the family or the breadwinner, your expenses for food and electricity and water consumption can certainly increase.

Be aware of this one thing by recording all expenses in as much detail as possible.

It’s also not wrong if you have allocated expenses for food expenses for the household member at the beginning of the month. This can be done in order to anticipate the size of the stakes rather than the stakes that you can potentially experience each month.


As an employer, the holiday allowance (THR) must of course be given to the household members so that they can be more enthusiastic about working.

Ideally, an employee receives THR from the workplace equivalent to one salary if he is already working at the company. You can adopt this concept to provide THR to the household member you work with.

Let’s just say your household member’s monthly salary is Rp. 2.5 million, and he has worked with you for six months. Then how much THR should you pay to him?

Considering that your household member has not worked for a year, you can provide THR proportionally (pro rata).

Here is a formula you can use.

THR = 6 (months of service) / 12 (months a year) x IDR 2.5 million = IDR 1.25 million

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